American Newspaper Comics — The Book!

American Newspaper Comics Book CoverSerious newspaper comic strip fans and collectors will find American Newspaper Comics — An Encyclopedic Reference Guide an invaluable reference. Whether you want information about an obscure title, or need to check the ‘vital statistics’ of a popular fan favorite, American Newspaper Comics provides authoritative answers.

Over 7000 distinct newspaper comics series are covered, with the following information offered for each:

  • beginning and end dates
  • frequency and format
  • artist and writer beginning and ending dates and roles
  • syndicate information
  • alternate titles
  • book collections
  • story listings
  • additional notes about the series
  • source notes indicating where information was gathered

In addition, the book also includes:

  • extensive introductory material describing the research methods used, and explanatory notes about the evolution of the newspaper comic strip
  • a directory of newspaper syndicates, with capsule histories of over 100 companies
  • cross-reference of syndicates, listing all features they distributed
  • cross-reference of creators, listing all features with which they were involved
  • cross-reference of alternate titles to listed features
  • a bundled CD with over 3000 high quality sample images of over 2000 different features covered in the book
The book is a huge 600+ page brick, weighing in at just shy of 5 pounds. (On receiving his copy, comics historian R.C. Harvey dubbed it “the Magnificent Monster”.) High quality library hardcover binding was used, ensuring that it will weather years of constant use.

Price and Availability

The suggested retail price of the book is $150, reflecting not only the vast scope of the work and the decades of research that went into it, but also the publisher’s assumption that it will be sold primarily to libraries and educational facilities. However, I have assured the University of Michigan Press that there is a significant community of fans, collectors and researchers who would love copies for their own bookshelves, but for whom that price might well be a budget-breaker. Therefore, in a marketing tactic not usually employed for academic reference books, the Press is offering the book to collectors for a whopping 40% off the suggested list price.

To get the 40% off price, click here to go to the publishers website, and when you place your order use the promo code “COMICS” to receive the special discount.

The book is also available on Amazon (and some excellent reviews) but the discount pricing seems to come and go on a daily basis. If you are dead set on purchasing at Amazon, keep a watch on the listing.
If you are in Europe, you can order at discounted price from Eurospan, and The Book Depository offers free shipping all over the world and at last check, was offering a 25% discount off cover price.

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