Obscurity of the Day: Monk Sez

My, my, my, those folks out in San Francisco do like their horse-racing. Of course we all know A. Mutt, later Mutt and Jeff, started in that fair city as a betting tip strip, but here’s another entry from that burg in the same genre. Monk Sez, also known as Ride With Monk, had a nice long run in the San Francisco Examiner from January 1937 to July 11 1942.

The panel was by someone who signed himself only as Jackson. I don’t know who that might be, but he did a creditable job on both the art and the picks. You’ll recall that poor Mutt was a pretty consistent loser — Monk on the other hand didn’t do too bad at all.

Talking out of ignorance here, but I’m guessing the feature ended when the war put an end to horse-racing for the duration?

One thought on “Obscurity of the Day: Monk Sez

  1. Most excellent !
    Right upstairs, as the sports used to say.

    In the words of Oliver T, “I want some *more*, sir”

    Early Mutt & Jeff featured lots of horse betting predicaments, and for many years Mutt featured a ticket sticking out of a pocket with two numbers—his play on the Daily Double that day.

    Cheers !

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