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Topic the first: I am working with the folks at trying to figure out why some users (including myself) are unable to use the site effectively. In my case any given page on their site can take 5 minutes or even more to load. The folks at Newspaperarchive are pretty mystified at the source of the problem right now, so they are hoping to hear from others having the same trouble. I know a few of you have told me in the past that you were having similar problems. If you are, please email me or leave a message here with your email and I will pass on your info to the inner circle there at I also would like to hear from those who are not experiencing problems on the site for comparison sake.

Topic the second: For those of you who have been waiting for email replies from me please accept my apologies for not answering lately. Been busier than Dagwood at a sandwich-eating contest with a bunch of projects and email has been floundering in the priority list. I’m hoping to catch up with correspondence this week, as next week promises to be even busier. Of course this has also hampered me in making daily posts, as well, so please bear with me.

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  1. I thought I should let you know I am having no problems with downloading at NewspaperArchive. and I very much like the function where you see a preview of a page when you scroll over the link.

    I am using Firefox on an Apple computer, by the way. When I used Netscape, the pages used to open in my browser. Now they immediately get downloaded and I open them from my download manager in Adobe.

    Related question: is there a way to pull copies from Googles newspaper search function. I was very pleased to find Willie Lumpkin Sunday pages, but found I couldn’t copy them. Is it me?

  2. Hi Ger —
    Other than doing a screen capture, no, Google doesn’t let you print. One of several annoying properties of their interface. Much worse IMHO is that there’s no simple way to find out what they actually have in their archives — gotta just search blindly.


  3. No problem downloading Newspaper Archive. With Google Archive, I have emailed items to myself with File>Mail Contents of This Page. But with a Sunday page, sizing to fit is frustrating.

    Bhob @ Potrzebie

  4. It’s hit or miss with me on Newspaper Archive. Sometimes the pages download in about 30 seconds, sometimes they take two or three minutes to load. I find that if I click the next highest number to the one I want, 12 instead of 13, for example, then immediately click 13, page 13 will load a little faster. I use Newspaper Archive through a public library connection, so maybe that might account for a little slower connection than if I subscribed directly.

  5. Um, Jack, I’m just trying to get some help figuring out the problem here. I’d heard from others in the past with similar problems — if they’re cleared up that’s great! If the issue is on my end — a possibility I’m NOT discounting — it’s proving very elusive; neither I (a computer pro for 25 years) nor the folks at Newspaperarchive can seem to pin it down. I had eliminated cookies, firewalls, anti-virus, etc. as the source of the problem before I even contacted them.

    After a week of troubleshooting it is starting to look like the problem may be something to do with my ISP. Now how in the world would you expect me to figure that out without some outside input?

    Sorry to have so offended you.


  6. Ger, if you mean the HARTFORD COURANT, their FAQ says one can “print it” or “save it” for up to 90 days. Btw, while checking this, I ran across an obit for Chad that gives a different date of death (2/3/02) than other sources.

    Bhob @ Potrzebie

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