I Like Fels-Naptha!

Boy oh boy, somebody at Fels-Naptha really had an appreciative eye for great cartooning. The above 1936 ad campaign for Fels-Naptha’s new product, boxed soap chips, sports glorious art by Russell Patterson, E. Simms Campbell, and that pseudonymous fella Paul Arthur (Milton Caniff and Noel Sickles, but I didn’t really have to tell you that, right?).

The campaign is a bunch of hot air, of course, but what better reason to cloud the issue with eye-popping art. Why ‘experts’ would be mystified at the prospect of cutting up a soap bar into soap chips is beyond my comprehension.

I forgive the Fels-Naptha people for treating the public like morons. They are, after all, simply heeding advice from P.T. Barnum in that regard; advice that has proved on target over and over and over.

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