Obscurity of the Day: This Man’s Army

In observance of Memorial Day, let’s take a look at a military-themed obscurity. This Man’s Army was one of those filler Sunday features that the New York Daily News used in their comic section. I know of it running on at least seven occasions, five times in 1957 and twice in 1959, but it probably ran more than that.

The strip was created by Henri Arnold, who is best known for his Jumble puzzle cartoons and for his fourteen year stint on that Daily News institution, Ching Chow, and for its more politically correct replacement, Meet Mr. Lucky.

2 thoughts on “Obscurity of the Day: This Man’s Army

  1. Make that at least six in 1957 then, that’s not one of the dates I had. I suspect this one still ran in the early 60s because I’ve seen original art for vertical format strips, which the NYDN seems to have switched to for its fillers in those years.


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