Obscurity of the Day: The Baby

Here’s a short-lived series that appeared in the top-of-the-line version of the McClure Sunday comics section (the one with Billy Bounce, Simon Simple, etc.).The Baby ran from December 25 1904 to March 5 1905. The feature was never signed, and I tend towards it being by a cartoonist not in the usual McClure creator corral, while Cole Johnson suggests it might be Mark Fenderson’s work. The ugly mug on that baby does put me in mind of Fenderson, so Cole may well be right (as usual).

Thanks to Cole for the scan!

2 thoughts on “Obscurity of the Day: The Baby

  1. My apologies for going slightly off topic, but this past weekend I picked up a 1930 issue of Time magazine, and they had a story in there about comic strips. The article discussed, briefly, the ghosting of “Mr. and Mrs.” and also discussed a brand-new suburbia strip being started by New Yorker stalwart Rea Irwin. A panel is included. I assume you know of this article and/or the Irwin strip, but if you don’t, particulars avail on request.

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