Herriman Saturday

Tuesday, November 19 1907 —  Piecing together a gossamer thin bio of Walter Hoff Seely from Google results, it seems that he was a newspaperman of some minor note with the New York World in the early oughts, then on a trip to the west in 1905 he was offered, and accepted, a job in the insurance industry in San Francisco. He also became the manager of a theatre while in the west, though presumably not the one in which he acted here since that one would have been in San Francisco. In the 1920s Seely was the editor of Success magazine.

Why the Examiner decided to make sport of Walter Hoff Seely’s theatrical debut I don’t know, but they had so much fun taking him to task that the accompanying article never gets around to naming the play.

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  1. He was my grandfather. He worked for William Morris (the man, before he became an agency) traveling across the country, building theaters. He came to San Francisco after the earthquake and built the Valencia Theater. The first actress to star there was Blanche Stoddard, who later married him.

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