Obscurity of the Day: Home Sweet Home

There have been quite a few comic series carrying the title of Home Sweet Home, here’s one of the more obscure ones from the late-teens. Jack Wilson, who spent a few years at NEA in Cleveland in the mid-teens, was at World Color Printing in 1919 and produced for a very short while a revival of their old Handy Andy strip. It appears that this Home Sweet Home feature was probably produced for them at the same time, though I’ve never seen these strips with syndicate stamps attached.

Home Sweet Home was a quasi-daily strip. I say quasi-daily because it was obviously sold in batches to subscribing newspapers. In every one of the (few) papers where I’ve seen it the strip runs ROP on no consistent schedule. Earliest I’ve seen is in November 1918, the latest in November 1920. However, the latest I’ve seen it running even semi-consistently is mid-1920, so that was probably shortly after the final batch went out.

4 thoughts on “Obscurity of the Day: Home Sweet Home

  1. This was put out by the Autocaster company, which supplied small town weeklies with editorial cartoons, column headers and type sets.

  2. Dear Allan-
    I have seen this strip as late as February 1924, by then drawn by Terry Gillikson, in the WIEMAR MERCURY, a weekly from Texas. “Autocaster” usually put their name at the bottom of the title panel.
    Yours, Mark Johnson

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