Herriman Saturday (plus Newspaper Archive Sites)

Tuesday, February 18 1908 — The Chicago White Sox are coming out to California to play a series of spring training games against the Angels and other teams in the Pacific Coast League.

A few weeks ago I stole the Herriman space for, among other things, gathering up a list of sites where newspaper archives are located on the web. Thanks to all who sent suggestions! Here’s what we have so far:
California Digital Newspaper Collection — what it says; mix of major and small papers
Florida Digital Newspaper Library — an eclectic collection, but rather obscure search and browse capabilities make it of questionable utility
GenealogyBank — seems to have an impressive collection of newspaper; pay site
Google Newspaper Archive — assortment of papers, I’ve never figured out how you can tell what exactly they do have available
Granite Falls Historical Society —  some small Washington State papers
Library of Congress — selection of large and small papers
Newslibrary.com — know very little about what they offer; pay site
Newspaperarchive.com — pay service, huge array of mostly small to medium size town papers; pay site
Old Fulton New York Postcards — selection of mostly smaller New York state papers
Paper of Record — Toronto Star, Grit, mostly international papers but they do have some US content; pay site
Utah Digital Newspapers — what it says
Woodbridge Public Library — selection of smaller New Jersey papers
Let’s keep expanding this list — please let me know of other sites you’ve found.

2 thoughts on “Herriman Saturday (plus Newspaper Archive Sites)

  1. Thank you thank you thank you Joshua!!! I knew there had to be a list SOMEWHERE!

    Looking through the list, surprised how many French Canadian papers they have. Interesting to know that Google wasn’t being Anglo-centric with their archive.

    Now if you can tell me how to run a search on their archive that actually RETURNS SOME HITS I’ll be beyond impressed. The digitization of the papers is so bad they obviously couldn’t OCR much in them! I run searches on stuff I know darn well is in their archive and usually it’s “0 Results Found”


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