Obscurity of the Day: Mister Hubby

William Steinigans was a workhorse in the bullpen of the New York World for over a decade (not the Herald as you’ll see reported on various websites). Although his name isn’t remembered except by diehard cartooning buffs, his style was very familiar to the average New Yorker in the the 1900s and 10s. He had an affinity for dog strips, but was adept at humans as well.

Mister Hubby was his last new strip creation for the World, and also the last to end. It started on September 1 1912 and ended December 17 1916. It is not a fitting coda for Steinigans, who obviously preferred penning his dog strips. In fact Mister Hubby is quite bland, to the point where the title couldn’t be much more generic. 

According to reports on the web, Steinigans died in 1918 at the age of forty, less than a year after Mister Hubby ended.

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