2 thoughts on “Jim Ivey’s Sunday Comics

  1. I greatly enjoy Jim Ivey’s comics. Thanks to you both for sharing them. It’s a bit of a stretch, but in the spirit of today’s comic, “Jim Ivey” yields Jive M’ Yi!, and comic strip gets us Comics Trip (or, in some cases — present company excluded) Comics T’ Rip.

  2. I love Jim’s Sunday Funnies and would miss the anagrams should Jim stop using them. Of course he could do strips based on puns…

    But like writing using a pencil without lead, it would be pointless…

    Or it could be that Jim has done enough anagrams and he’s like the baker who stopped make donuts after he got tied of the hole thing…

    Of course since Jim is a cartoonist we may never know the real reason why he quits doing them… the details are just too sketchy.

    – Craig

    PS – I can see Jim gritting his teeth with each pun.

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