Obscurity of the Day: Sunbonnet Sue

This post had to sit in the hopper for awhile as Blogger was having one of its brain freezes yesterday.

Sunbonnet Sue is another Christian Science Monitor feature that I had no sample for at the time of submitting the Hogan’s Alley article. This little one-column panel ran January 13 1936 through December 17 1940. Usually credited simply to “Don” or not at all, the art was by Don Dero and written by someone with the initials L.M.

Sue is sort of Flapper Fanny with a Victorian, high-button sensitivity. The title seems a bit derivative of Bertha Corbett’s Sunbonnet Babies but other than the shared millinery there’s no particular resemblance.

Obscurity of the Day: The Magic Pencil

Before we leave the subject of the Christian Science Monitor, I’ve got a few samples to show that I hadn’t found in time for the article in Hogan’s Alley. Here’s The Magic Pencil by Dwight Sturges. Sturges is better known for his editorial cartooning, but he also produced this delightful but short-lived strip for the Monitor from November 25 1935 to February 17 1936. The second example above is the final strip in the series.

Herriman Saturday

Another Herriman Saturday, and our man Garge is still busy skewering the Southern Pacific’s alleged minions as elections loom near. Note the dog Zoo Zoo in the second cartoon – this little fella will eventually star in a continuing feature. I wish I understood the significance of the pup’s name. Stay tooned!

These cartoons ran on October 23-25 1906.